I'm writing this disclaimer because there are a lot of highly strung people out there, people who take things (including themselves) a little too seriously. There are also those who take things far too seriously, and those are the ones to worry about. This page should serve as a way to make those highly strung people understand what this site is all about. If it doesn't, then there's not that much I can do about it.

There is NO Simon Greene, well none that I know of anyway. There never was a medium by the name of "The Jade Psychic" and there likely never will be. The character of Simon Greene was created because it was considered that there would likely be mediums and psychics out there who are fed up with everyone looking to them as the answer to everything that is going wrong in their lives.

What if a medium was being inundated by emails every day, asking them "Will I ever get a girlfriend?", "Where are my car keys?", "Is my nan ok?" and other trivial questions that are really not for them to answer. After a while, they would reach breaking point. Tolerance would be out of the equation and they would resort themselves to the most heinous thing imaginable... a real human.

So either enjoy this site and take it for what it is, a parody and a piece of satire, or hate it because it goes against your own beliefs. Either way, it exists as a bit of fun, and nothing more.

Having said that, every email is welcomed... feel free to participate. Hate emails will be deleted, as I've explained all that needs to be explained here.