Welcome to my new website

For those of you who don't remember me, I'm not surprised, and I'm almost grateful for your apparent selective amnesia as I wish I could forget most of it myself. Alas, as a hyper intelligent super achiever, I'm cursed with incredible memory retention and photographic recollection. I had considered taking a course of hypnotherapy consultations, but I've yet to meet a hypnotherapist that is legitimate and actually knows what they're doing so, until I do, I have to live with my memories of being one of the UK's most celebrated psychic mediums and spiritual healers.

My journey into the spiritualist world began when I was only four years old, and my older sister (who turned out years later to be my mother) was playing her favourite game "Henry The Eighth" with her dolls, a potato and a Stanley knife. She would pummel her dolls repeatedly with the potato as she counted to ten and then, on the count of ten, would throw the Stanley knife into the air in the hopes that it would come down at just the right angle to re-enact a beheading. This one particular day, she had got to the count of seven when I felt an almighty blow to the back of my head. I ignored it, as I presumed it was just grandfather being his usual playful self with the dog lead. It happened again and, as I spun around, I saw a tall dark figure dressed in a black hooded robe. At first I thought it was Death until I realised there was no scythe and there was a pair of fluorescent pink mule slippers where there should have been boney feet. I turned around to ask my sister if she'd managed to sneak another friend from school home but she was frozen in time, hand raised clutching the potato ready to bring it down on her doll once again. I then remembered that mother had banned her from bringing friends home just after I was born because her special friend Mr Rogers from school ended up being fired for some reason.

I asked the robed figure who he was and, before I could even finish the question there was a deep booming voice "Simon, I am your dead spirit guide. The time has come to introduce you to your destiny. Save your sister from a terrible fate and join me to bring healing and faith to the world. Quickly, take the knife before it falls and takes her life!". Suddenly my sister was no longer frozen in time and was reaching for the knife as her count reached ten. I threw myself at her and grabbed the knife from her. Her life was spared. Losing my finger that day was God's way of showing me what it was like to suffer incredible pain, so that I may help others to ease theirs.

Since that day, I have never been without my spirit guide Bob. Bob was the name he chose when showing himself to me so that I may understand and associate with him on a modern level, rather than with his original ancient name of Limahl, meaning "he who worries hedgehogs". During his life, Bob was a sewage worker in Portugal, and met an untimely demise when several tonnes of raw sewage ungulfed him as he sat down to eat his lunch one day. As a spritual person in life, he was given a second chance to help people and was assigned to me, knowing that one day I would hear his calling and carry on where he left off. As I had no interest in sewage, Bob decided we should team up and tour the country as a psychic double act. Bob was always present with me on stage and in the various church meetings, but chooses not to show himself. Instead he performs his role of crowd control for the afterlife, guiding them towards me so that I may offer their words of wisdom to the loved ones they leave behind. Sometimes it ends up being gibberish rather than words of wisdom, but Bob tells me that this is the case for everyone in my line of work.

A little bit of history...
In 1999 I was lucky enough to be invited to join a team of paranormal investigators as they filmed a pilot for their show "Places That Look Haunted On Screen And That's Good Enough For Us" which got picked up by a little known satellite TV channel and became a mainstream hit all over the world. For those of you who didn't have satellite until recently, it starred myself as the Psychic, billed back then as The Jade Psychic until season four when I just started to go by Simon Greene. We would turn up at a haunted location and spend 24 hours performing investigations using highly specialised technical equipment such as a camcorder and a clipboard. A series of controlled experiments would take place, such as us all sitting around in different rooms asking if anything was there, in the hopes of catching something paranormal on film. I have lost count of the number of spirits I came into contact with, but I can't count them on the fingers of one hand as there was definitely more than nine.

My time on "Places That Look Haunted On Screen And That's Good Enough For Us" ended after six glorious years when I was offered my own television show called "Reaching Out To Touch You with Simon Greene" which brought a new audience to the world of the paranormal and was the first show of it's kind in the world, where I would bring women down from the audience to sit next to me on the sofa and I'd reach out and touch them, extending my spiritual energy inside them and letting my chakra flow into them. The success of this show catalpulted me into the national spotlight and I went on to take part in "Celebrity It's a Washout" and "I'm A Psychic Get Them Out Of Me".

After a brief hiatus, I spent some time in the states working as a consultant on the new psychic crime drama PSI Miami but left due to contractual difficulties.

Looking to the future...
Because I can. I've been concentrating on my career as an author and, after four books through my own publishing company Mostly Xeroxed, I will be releasing my autobiography "Seeing Greene" and embarking on my biggest theatre tour yet, of which the final show will be released on DVD and available to download direct from my website.